2019 SRC Scholarly and Research Communication awards

Award Poster

The purpose of the SRC Scholarly and Research Communication awards is not only to provide recognition to outstanding work but also to highlight the contributions that journals make to scholarly discourse. In a time of prevailing attention to open access, it is important to ensure that the means remain in place for journals to continue their good work in serving and building research communities.

ReadCube Discover

CALJ is reminding its members that there is still time to sign up for the free service ReadCube Discover. ReadCube Discover is a free indexing service of Digital Science that uses its “suite of
scholarly tools” to enhance your articles and increase their discoverability. It boasts a usership of 40 million desktop and mobile readers and refers traffic to the full content on a
journal’s website. See for more. The enhancement comes in part via the related services of Digital Science:

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