4.3 M investment to create a Canadian Cyberinfrastructure for humanities and social sciences research

The Canada Foundation for Innovation announced the funding of 7 national cyberinfrastructures, including the Open Science SSH Cyberinfrastructure under the direction of Vincent Larivière, holder of the Canada Research Chair on the Transformations of Scholarly Communication of Université de Montréal and Érudit scientific director.

CALJ buying consortium survey

At our annual meeting this year we discussed the possibility of creating a buying consortium for services. Under this arrangement CALJ members could band together, create an RFP of a large volume of work to increase the contract value to service providers, leading to lower pricing than what we would see as individual journals. We are now at the point where we want to gather information from the whole membership to determine the level of interest in this project and which services you’d benefit from most if they were pooled.

CALJ Listserv is moving!

We have now completed the transfer of our web site and listserv from Athabasca University Press to our own system.  We want to thank AUP for over 10 years of generous support to CALJ-ACRS and academic publishing.

We also have set up a Twitter Account and a Facebook page for CALJ-ACRS that we ask you to check out and participate in. You can find links on the web site.

Achieving a Sustainable Canadian Publishing Model through Library-Publisher Partnership

A recent white paper written on behalf of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), Canadian Universities and Sustainable Publishing, provides an overview of scholarly communication in Canada from the perspective of research libraries. The Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ), the national organization who represents Canadian journals and their publishers, was sent a copy of this report only after it was finalized.


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