ReadCube Discover

CALJ is reminding its members that there is still time to sign up for the free service ReadCube Discover. ReadCube Discover is a free indexing service of Digital Science that uses its “suite of
scholarly tools” to enhance your articles and increase their discoverability. It boasts a usership of 40 million desktop and mobile readers and refers traffic to the full content on a
journal’s website. See for more. The enhancement comes in part via the related services of Digital Science:

  • Altmetrics, another service of Digital Science that tracks secondary usage of scholarly articles mainly in public media.
  • ReadCube for Researchers: Digital Science has a complementary service for researchers that enhances their ability to organize their libraries and create articles and read PDFs through ReadCube’s enhanced PDF viewer. Please see
  • Digital Science’s also operated an interesting data repository

The CALJ Executive has reviewed ReadCube Discover and recommends it to its members.


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