Journal Impact and Innovation Fund - JIIF

The Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ) has developed a proposal for the creation of a national fund (Journal Impact and Innovation Fund-JIIF / Sondage sur le Fonds d’innovation et l’impact des revues-FIIR) that it is circulating for comment and discussion. By means of this notice, CALJ is reaching out to members for feedback to gain support for and strengthen the proposal.

The JIIF would invest in Canadian scholarly journals to assist them in increasing their scholarly quality and reader effectiveness through innovation. The initial focus of JIIF would be on social sciences and humanities journals and it would complement and build on the support given by such agencies as SSHRC.

The full proposal can be found here. The CALJ executive would greatly appreciate hearing from as many journals as possible. The CALJ executive believes that a secure foundation of funding focused on innovation would assist Canadian journals in serving researchers, ensuring competitiveness in terms of both quality of presentation and audience reach with pricier international titles.

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