CALJ-ACRS Conference 2022 Thank You!

CALJ-ACRS Conference 2022

Thank you to our sponsors, presenters, and panel hosts!


Our annual conference was held last week, May 12-13, as part of the 2022 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. We want to thank our sponsors, presenters, panel hosts, and participants for being essential in making this conference happen.


CALJ-ACRS Conference 2022 was generously supported by University of Toronto Press Journals, Canadian Science Publishing, TTR: Traduction, terminologie, rédaction, Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, BC Studies, and Canadian Literature.


A warm thank you to our panel presenters:

  • Kristina Fagan Bidwell
  • Kaitlin Debicki
  • Armand Garnet Ruffo
  • Bahar Mehmani
  • Alice Meadows
  • Charlotte Roh
  • Gillian Lane-Mercier
  • Mathieu Pigeon
  • Sylvia Lacombe
  • Simon van Bellen
  • Sandra Shaw
  • Kimberly Parker
  • Abdelkerim Belhommania
  • Dina Guth
  • Lorraine Markotic
  • Jessica Clark
  • Nadiya Zuk
  • Shelby Haber
  • Irene Sywenky

And finally, thank you to our panel hosts!

  • Gordon E. Smith
  • Eugenia Zuroski
  • Gillian Lane-Mercier
  • Michael Donaldson
  • Odile Cisneros
  • Leanne Coughlin

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