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  • February 07, 2023 6:48 AM | Anonymous

    Registration is now open for Congress 2023 and we would love to see you there! This year, the event is taking place at York University's Keele and Glendon Campuses in Toronto. Participants may also register to attend remotely. 

    More information, including the schedule and keynote speaker will be released leading up to the conference. 

    For more information and to register, visit:

  • May 31, 2022 6:26 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Members,

    We are providing notice today that our Annual General Meeting will be held virtually on June 21, 2022 at 2:00–3:30 p.m. ET. We look forward to seeing you all there.

    Please find attached the agenda for the meeting.  The full package containing financial statements, reports from the committees, and nominations for the Board of Directors will be circulated and posted online later in the week of June 6th.  We will send a reminder notice and will include the package information then.

    The meeting will be held over Zoom. The Zoom link will be included in the meeting package.

    Please register by emailing Carolyn Fast, Executive Director, at to confirm your participation.

    If you have any questions, please let Carolyn ( know or please contact me directly at

    Looking forward to seeing you all.

    Best regards,

    Vice President, University of Toronto Press
    President, Canadian Association of Learned Journals
    5201 Dufferin St
    Toronto, Ontario, M3H 5T8

  • May 20, 2022 6:33 PM | Anonymous



    Our annual conference was held last week, May 12-13, as part of the 2022 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. We want to thank our sponsors, presenters, panel hosts, and participants for being essential in making this conference happen.

    CALJ-ACRS Conference 2022 was generously supported by University of Toronto Press Journals, Canadian Science Publishing, TTR: Traduction, terminologie, rédactionRevista Canadiense de Estudios HispánicosBC Studies, and Canadian Literature.

    A warm thank you to our panel presenters:

    • Kristina Fagan Bidwell
    • Kaitlin Debicki
    • Armand Garnet Ruffo
    • Bahar Mehmani
    • Alice Meadows
    • Charlotte Roh
    • Gillian Lane-Mercier
    • Mathieu Pigeon
    • Sylvia Lacombe
    • Simon van Bellen
    • Sandra Shaw
    • Kimberly Parker
    • Abdelkerim Belhommania
    • Dina Guth
    • Lorraine Markotic
    • Jessica Clark
    • Nadiya Zuk
    • Shelby Haber
    • Irene Sywenky

    And finally, thank you to our panel hosts!

    • Gordon E. Smith
    • Eugenia Zuroski
    • Gillian Lane-Mercier
    • Michael Donaldson
    • Odile Cisneros
    • Leanne Coughlin
  • May 20, 2022 6:29 PM | Anonymous

    We want to hear from you whether you were able to attend our conference last week or not! Provide feedback on this year's conference format, why or why not you participated, and whether you plan to attend our 2023 conference.

    Please respond by Tuesday, May 31st.


  • May 10, 2022 6:34 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Journal Editors,

    We are pleased to announce that the application process for the 2022 SRC/CALJ Journal Innovation Award is now open.

    This award recognizes innovation implemented or first measured in 2021 by a Canadian scholarly journal and which is focussed on enhancing readership and/or other forms of engagement with journal content.

    This is our opportunity to showcase the innovation that’s happening in Canada with our scholarly journals!

    The winner will receive a certificate honouring their achievements as well as a free annual membership to CALJ, and an announcement will be posted on CALJ and SRC websites. The winner will be announced at the CALJ Annual Meeting in June. 

    To learn more about eligibility criteria and the application process, please visit our Journal Innovation Award application form and guidelines.

    Deadline for applications:
    Midnight EDT, May 31, 2022

    Antonia Pop
    Vice President, Journals, University of Toronto Press

    Prior winners of the SRC/CALJ Award:
    Canadian Literature for its CanLit Guide
    The Toronto Journal of Theology for its video introductions
    FACETS – for its innovative multidisciplinary publishing format
    Encounters in Theory and History of Education for its Digital Media and Methods Section

  • March 24, 2022 6:50 PM | Anonymous

    Our CALJ-ACRS webinar archive is now available on our website. Catch up on our past webinars HERE

  • March 21, 2022 6:53 PM | Anonymous

    CALJ-ACRS is thrilled to welcome our newest journal member, Quality Advancement in Nursing Education - Avancées en formation infirmière (QANE-AFI)!

    QANE-AFI is an online, open-access journal that aims to address questions and issues related specifically to quality advancement in nursing education. Many themes are addressed in the journal, including the assessment, indicators, and standards of quality nursing education, the evaluation of program modality outcomes, and the nature and key elements of educational quality. QANE-AFI's readership includes academic nurse educators, both Canadian and international, nurses in clinical settings, researchers in health higher education, and nursing students.

    QANE-AFI joined CALJ-ACRS because they wanted their journal to be in good company! They believe that being a member will help them keep informed of best practices and link them to other Canadian academic journal editors and journals so that they can learn what is happening in regards to scholarly publishing in other research areas that can be applied to nursing education.

    When asked what the pressing issues are for their journal currently, Jessica Pearce, managing editor of publications at QANE-AFI, stated that "Academic research and publishing, especially in nursing, is entering a new phase of inclusivity and openness. We want to ensure that we are staying abreast of the changes to maintain an accessible journal. More practically, and as I’m sure everyone else is, we are always working to get and keep good peer reviewers."

    QANE-AFI is a bilingual journal that is completely open access with no fees or embargo periods. They are listed in CINAHL and the DOAJ and are archived at Library and Archives Canada. They publish three times annually, with a biennial special edition.


  • March 18, 2022 6:54 PM | Anonymous

    Our March newsletter is now available. Learn about out latest initiatives, find links to our most recent webinars, learn how to renew your membership, and more! 


  • February 28, 2022 6:57 PM | Anonymous


    To: Canadian Scholarly Journal Editors and Managing Editors

    From: Rowland Lorimer, Editor, Scholarly and Research Communication (SRC)

    Re: The Dynamics and Potential of Canadian Scholarly Journal Publishing

    Scholarly and Research Communication is seeking analyses of how journal editors are maximizing or could maximize their journal’s contribution to Canadian research in building, maintaining, and celebrating recognition of Canadian research communities. The following provides context.

    Journal publishing around the world is in transition, for example, Plan S, Sci-Hub, predatory publishers, and new businesses such as Dimensions and ResearchGate. Ongoing commentary in other countries by well-informed consultants and established publishers and some librarians provides salient insights. To wit: publicly accessible preprints, combined with social media promotion may be compromising the authority of full peer review and the traditional uptake of findings by research communities.

    Meanwhile, Canadian journals continue to bring forward research -from relatively calm pools, the ecosystems of which are refreshed, reformed, undercut, and sometimes obliterated by the tides of change.

    There is little Canadian discourse that addresses the role and potential of journal publishing. Maybe this is because

    Preserving the life of a journal can be such a struggle;
    Journal editorships are, in many cases, passing three-year appointments that can be undervalued by tenure and promotion committees;
    Canada lacks a dynamic national journal association led by all the largest Canadian journal groups ready to share their expertise and strengthen the sector;
    There is tacit acceptance of endemic exploitation of (most often) women graduate students who copyedit small journals across the land without professional recognition, or perform other functions such as design-based readability and innovation that go unmentioned; and,
    The ongoing operations of journals are threatened by a Tri-Council commitment to open access that neglects financial assessments of Canadian journals nor recognizes all categories of journal work including mentorship, ongoing training, and professional development parallel to the legion of opportunities in academic and library work.
    Whatever the factors, the very considerable potential of Canadian scholarly journal publishing to serve and enhance Canadian research remains unrecognized, as are the many and varied journal-supportive contributions made by universities, departments, research groups, and individuals. 

    Action and deadlines:

    Inquiries: Anytime to

    Submission of abstract: March 31, 2022

    Submission of article: August 31, 2022

  • February 18, 2022 6:58 PM | Anonymous


    THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2022, 12 - 1:30PM



    • Melanie Dolechek, Executive Director of the Society for Scholarly Publishing and C4DISC Steering Committee
    • Nicola Nugent, Publishing Manager, Quality and Ethics Royal Society of Chemistry
    • Patricia K. Baski, Executive Editor, Neurology® Journals


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