Member Benefits

Since 1990 the Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ) has served the scholarly journal publishing community. Benefits of membership include services to members of CALJ, industry initiatives for the journals, and enhanced strengths for individual journals and collective strengths for the journal community.

Services to CALJ members

  • Best Practices Guide to Scholarly Journal Publishing (1997 and 2007 editions)
  • Professional development for journal managers and editors
  • CALJ member web pages on the CALJ website
  • Marketing and promotion: Congress book fair booth
  • Collective advertising: University Affairs and Congress delegate’s guide
  • Industry resources: legal opinion document, LAC document, eco-kit
  • Liaison with SSHRC, CFHSS and other organizations
  • CALJ listserve for the membership

Industry initiatives and enhancing collective strengths

  • Transitioning the CALJ membership application and renewal process online to include annual data capture for analysis, reported to the membership.
  • Collaboration with the Public Knowledge Project to promote electronic editions and/or back issue content online.
  • CALJ collaborated with CARL (Canadian Association of Research Libraries) to submit a projet to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to establish a consensus on how an Open Access publishing model can be implemented
  •  CALJ is on the advisory committee of Érudit’s study of the financial situation of Canadian learned journals
  • Consultation and with industry stakeholders in Canada and internationally to identify areas of chief concern on the horizon for scholarly journal publishing.
  • Identifying collaborative partners to engage in workshops and research.
  • Bringing together the collective strengths of more than 200 journal professionals: journal managers and scholars serving as journal editors.

Join the CALJ community and strengthen the journal industry:

A new fee schedule was adopted at the 2015 Annual General Meeting.  Membership is now based on revenue and no longer on circulation. 

Who can join CALJ?

CALJ members are primarily scholarly journals in Canada but our membership is inclusive and we invite organizations within Canada and abroad to become part of the CALJ community.

Membership Fees 2020-2021

Class A Membership

$0 - $10K ¬ $120.00
$10K - $50K $200.00
$50 K - $100K ¬ $300.00
$100K to $200K ¬  $350.00
$200K to $300K ¬  $400.00
$300K to $400K ¬  $450.00
$400K to $600K ¬ $500.00
$600K and above ¬  $750.00

Not-for-profit Journal publishers owning their own journals and/or acting as the publisher for others. $1,000

Student Journals - $75.00

Open Access Journals with no revenues - $100.00

Class B – Membership Fees

Multi journal hosting organization (not-for-profit) Independent or affiliated with a library $600.00

Library no journal hosting - $ 400.00

Individual/Industry Professionals -  $ 60.00 

Student: - $ 25.00

Partners: Canadian organizations that work with Canadian not-for-profit Journals to support and promote their needs and goals. - $ 450

CALJ-ACRS may from time to time exchange supporting relationship with likeminded organizations working to promote not-for-profit academic publishing.  There will be no membership fee for such an exchange that is mutually beneficial to both organizations.


For further information about membership, contact:

Karli Whitmore, Membership Coordinator

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