Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies

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Founded in 1965, Seminar is one of the leading journals today for the study of Germanic literature, media and culture. It seeks to publish the highest-quality scholarship on a range of fields including philology, philosophy, aesthetics, media studies, visual culture, gender studies, and transnationalism in so far as they relate to German-language material or other languages in a German-cultural context. Jointly sponsored by the Canadian Association of University Teachers of German and the German division of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association, the journal endeavors to promote German studies across a broad international context. Submissions are welcome in English, French or German.

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University of Toronto Press
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Antonia Pop
Senior Manager — Journals
University of Toronto Press Inc.
5201 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M3H 5T8 Canada
tel: (416) 667–7777 ext:7838
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Carrie Smith-Prei and Markus Stock, Editors
Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies

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Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies
University of Toronto Press
5201 Dufferin Street
Toronto ON M3H 5T8

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