CALJ FOR NOMINATIONS: CALJ-ACRS Board of Directors Positions

Want to get more involved in scholarly communications work? Join the CALJ-ACRS Board of Directors!

The CALJ/ACRS Nominations Committee is looking for nominations to fill three (3) positions on the Board of Directors. The positions open for nomination are:

Secretary-Treasurer – 2-year term (2021-2023)
Member-at-Large – 2-year term (2021-2023)
Member-at-Large – 2-year term (2021-2023)

The deadline to submit a nomination is Thursday April 15th, 2021 at 4 p.m. ET.

Not sure what this entails? We welcome you to visit our website and/or reach out to some of the Board’s current members to ask questions and learn more about what being on the Board of Directors is like:

Antonia Pop, President,
Eugenia Zuroski, Member-at-Large,
Lauren Bosc, Member-at-Large,

A commitment to joining the CALJ-ACRS Board of Directors involves attending Board meetings and one of the Board’s subcommittees, such as the Communications and Outreach Committee or the Professional Development and Training Committee. Meetings of the Board are held once per month using web-meeting facilities, and additional discussions are conducted via email between meetings as required.

The Board of Directors is responsible for:
• advocating for Canadian journals to relevant funding bodies;
• liaising with journal platforms and organizations that provide resources to journals (ex. Érudit, PKP, C4DISC)
• developing ongoing/annual conference programming on topics related to scholarly communications in Canada;
• communicating relevant news and events to members;
• overseeing the organization’s financials;
• convening the annual general meeting.

Individuals may choose to self-nominate or to nominate another individual provided all pertinent details are provided as described below. Nominations should be send via email to and include all of the following information:
• Contact information for the nominee;
• An indication of their interest to serve;
• Brief biographical details and relevant work experience to illustrate expertise in and enthusiasm for the work of the committee;

Nominees will be drawn from across Canada from CALJ-ACRS member journals. Candidates will be recommended by the Nominations Committee to the AGM based on relevant experience and enthusiasm for scholarly communications and supporting CALJ-ACRS’s activities and initiatives.

Please see the CALJ/ACRS constitution, Appendix A, for more information on the formal nomination and election procedures.

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